For Yoga Teachers ...

If you are a yoga teacher and you want to improve your lessons and teaching methods over and over again, you can make an appointment with Sophia for a mentoring consultation. She will move to attend the course of your choice and then help you, during an individual interview, to identify your strengths, as well as the areas for improvement on which you can work to move to another level of education, taking into account your students, your qualities and your personal aspirations.

During her first career as a teacher-researcher at the CNRS and at the University, Sophia L. Mann supervised, directed and mentored a large number of undergraduate and master's students, as well as doctoral students, future linguists, anthropologists, speech-language pathologists , school teachers, university professors and researchers.

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rShe thus acquired solid experience in various fields of applied pedagogy. She was particularly interested in the varied methods that human societies use to transmit from generation to generation the knowledge, talents and skills accumulated over the centuries, while respecting each person's personal development. She has notably worked a lot on the oral transmission of knowledge and skills that can be found just as well in traditional societies, as in the contemporary environment of yoga for example.